Humor 101 Start Getting Laughs

Who else wants to get more laughs?

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Humor secrets for professional presentations…
even if you aren’t funny!

Funny people think differently.

Do you believe that is true? The truth is they do. So, if you want to get more laughs, doesn’t it make sense that you need to understand how funny people think? Want to know how to plan more humor? That is exactly what this program is about.

“There is nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh.”

Darren LaCroix, CSP

You can get more laughs in your next presentation even if you don’t think you are funny. Most people think you are either born funny or you are not. That’s not true. This program will prove that too.

Darren LaCroix is living proof that anyone can learn it. In high school Darren was considered “least likely to ever be funny.” In 1992 he bombed miserably at a Boston comedy club. Nine years later he out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. His winning speech is considered by some to be one of the funniest in the history of the contest. Darren is living proof that humor can be a learned skill.

They say that presenters who use humor…

• Connect deeper
• Earn more
• Are more memorable

Stand out & have more fun!

(Oh yeah, they just plain get booked more, too!)

Take a sneak peek! ->

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In this program you’ll get the following:

• 5 comedy secrets

• Why many jokes don’t work

• Insights from decades of real-life experience

• Inspiration from seeing Darren’s humble beginnings

• A step-by-step process for creating humor

What did people say after Humor 101?

“I cried off all of my make up laughing… and walked away with some awesome lessons in creating humor.
I look forward to turning my accountant self into my comic self.”

~ Stacy Kennedy, CFO Property Management and Development

— – —

“I have an intense personal story and did not know how to release the tension.
Darren gave me direction
and taught me how. Thank you so much!”

~ Aimee Kodachian Riley, Author/Speaker

— – —

Value from beginning to end. It was a packed program.”

~ John Kinde, Keynote Speaker

What could you learn from a master humor teacher who learned it the hard way? Once Darren lets you in on the “secrets” of the comedy world, you will be a believer. You’ll walk away enlightened and entertained, Darrenteed.

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HUMOR 101:
Start Getting Laughs Even If
You Don’t Think You Are Funny

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