Who else wants to get more laughs?

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Humor 101 CD

Secrets for Professional Presentations…
even if you aren’t funny!

“There is nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh.”

~ Darren LaCroix

Maybe you aren’t funny? Perfect. You are just like me! I took the stage for the first time at a Boston comedy club in 1992… and bombed miserably. It got even worse. My punchlines were so bad, the only thing I could hear was the ceiling fan. Ouch. Then I discovered a process. I learned that comedians actually use exercises and formulas to generate their own humor.

Do you believe funny people think differently? The truth is they do. You will never be funnier until you change the way you think. That is exactly what this program will start to do for you.

What would it mean to you if you could use humor more effectively? Seriously! How would using more humor help you with your presentations?

They say that presenters who use humor…

Connect deeper • Earn more • Motivate more effectively

Are more memorable • Stand out • Have more fun!

(Oh yeah, they just plain get booked more, too!)


If you were a meeting planner, and you had to decide between two presenters, who both had good programs, both had the same expertise, and one was funny. Who would you choose?

During this 72-minute Audio CD, you’ll get:

  • 8 Humor Secrets comedians don’t want you to know
  • A step-by-step formula for creating a joke that you can use for years to come
  • The confidence to try humor again, even if it hasn’t worked in the past
  • How to use your unique heritage to create self-deprecating humor within 3 minutes
  • Amazing understanding of why people laugh, so you can get more laughs 
  • Secret #5 that will forever change the way you look at stand-up comedy 
  • How naturally funny people can plan to get more laughs
  • Why many jokes don’t work
  • The huge “AH-HA” about improv humor


What did people say after Humor 101?

“I cried off all of my make up laughing… and walked away
with some awesome lessons in creating humor.
I look forward to turning my accountant self into my comic self.”

~ Stacy Kennedy, CFO Property Management and Development

– – — – –

“I have an intense personal story and did not know how to release the tension.
Darren gave me direction
and taught me how. Thank you so much!”

~ Aimee Kodachian Riley, Author/Speaker

– – — – –

Value from beginning to end. It was a packed program.”

~ John Kinde, Keynote Speaker

– – — – –

“Darren is great!” ~ Darren’s mom


Don’t give another presentation without these 8 Humor Secrets that Darren learned the hard way! By the time you’re done with this program, you’ll believe it is possible and you will understand the process of generating humor!


Humor Tele-seminar with Judy Carter


“Judy’s book opened a whole new world to me.
I love her teaching style… direct,
honest, and to the point.”

~ Darren LaCroix,
World Champion of Public Speaking



What could you learn from a master humor teacher?

Who is Judy Carter?

The author of Stand-up Comedy the Book and The Comedy Bible, Judy has headlined comedy shows nationwide and has appeared on more than 100 television shows. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah herself said, “Judy Carter can show you how to make your sense of humor payoff.” And that is exactly what she’s done. Judy helps people turn problems into punchlines.

Not only is she a comedian, she is an amazing speaker in the corporate arena. Her clients include: FedEx, Blue Cross, Revlon, Pfizer and many more. Judy’s speaking theme is BIG LAUGHS, BIG MESSAGE.

Take advantage of this RARE opportunity. Sit down with Darren at the feet of the master who has been teaching comedy since 1988. Hear her direct answers as Darren and the people on the tele-seminar get inside Judy’s comedy mind.

During this 70-minute tele-seminar Audio CD, you’ll hear:

  • What are the common mistakes people make “trying” to get laughs? .
  • What are some tools humor novices can use to start getting laughs?
  • Four words presenters should use over and over to be more interesting
  • Where to find the best material
  • Judy’s two magic questions she asks herself when coaching presenters to be funnier
  • Why some people who are naturally funny, will never make it on their own
  • Why speeches must be original and interesting BEFORE they can be made funny
  • How to study funny people you love to help your own humor (Chris Rock did it.)
  • What is the starting point to find the funny inside of you

You will also hear her inspiring story of how she got started and made her own big break at 21 years old. Judy also believes that anger is a great driving force especially for motivational speakers. You will get so many perspective changing insights from her including what Bill Cosby’s stories really are if you break them down. She also explains the real brilliance behind John Stewart and Robin Williams.

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HUMOR 101 - Secrets for Professional Presentations

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