Connect With Any Audience

What 7 World Champion Speakers know
…and you should, too!


What would it mean to your presentations, your career, your ability to impact any audience if you could connect to them every time?

Would you get asked to speak more often? Could you get higher speaking fees?

Presenting to a happy, interested, warm audience is easy and fun. Seven World champions have created educational tools to help people present better.

If you have any of our other World Champion Resources, this your next step.

We have designed this for the speakers who are more advanced (or want to be). Speaking at a Toastmasters club is great “stage time.” Speaking outside of Toastmasters has considerably more challenges. We want to give you the knowledge & tools to Connect with any Audience!

7 World Champions explain how to read and react to people in front of you.

.You will learn first-hand from: David Brooks 1990 World Champ, Mark Brown 1995 World Champ, Craig Valentine 1999 World Champ, Ed Tate 2000 World Champ, Darren LaCroix 2001 World Champ, Jim Key 2003 World Champ, and Randy Harvey 2004 World Champ. You will learn from our various experiences and how we each look at similar obstacles.

Listen to these 3 Audio CDs over & over, so our years of experience in the professional speaking world impacts your thinking & behavior. The more you listen, the more you’ll learn!

Audio CD 1

  • Determining what the audience wants, needs or expects
  • How to tailor your speech to fit the audience’s needs
  • What happens in the first 30 seconds of your presentation
  • What you can learn and do in the first five minutes

Audio CD 2

  • Accommodating the three different types of learners
  • Audience involvement and participation: why and how
  • How time of day or schedule can effect your presentation
  • How to change the pace to keep the audience engaged

Audio CD 3

  • What to do when you aren’t making a connection
  • How to set up a room for optimum audience response
  • How to handle hecklers or hostile audiences
  • Microphones: when, how and why to use them



Connect with Any Audience

3-CD Set ~ $69.95
PLUS Bonus Data CD
AND Online Webinar!

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BONUS #1 ~ Document CD

It’s worth the price of the program itself!

  • Complete transcription of CDs #1 – #3. Helpful if you want to read and highlight important parts of this program while listening.
  • Example of our pre-event questionnaires.
  • Sample speaker’s agreement/contracts.
  • Diagram of different room set-ups and advantages of each.
  • Recommended resources for speakers.

BONUS #2 ~ Webinar:
‘Impact Diverse Audiences’

Special bonus JUST for online buyers!

How do you approach diverse audiences? How do you approach them? How do you prepare? This 90-minute program by Darren LaCroix (2001 World Champ), Mark Brown (1995), and David Brooks (1990) will give you some enlightening advice from three World Champions.

When you’re speaking to:

  • All Men
  • All Women
  • Ethnic
  • Multi-Ethnic
  • Multi-National
  • Religious
  • International
  • and more!

Get the insight from three World Champions of Public Speaking on the subject of diverse audiences. They are NOT all the same. Avoid some career-impacting mistakes!

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.This is a NO-Brainer!
Learn to CONNECT with ANY AUDIENCE… Today!