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Create Your Keynote by Next Week!

Mystery Solved:

How to Write a Memorable Speech, Step-by-Step

Create Your Keynote by Next Week

Gain more confidence, more ability to influence,
and more invitations for repeat engagements.
You’ll never give a presentation the same way again…

Introducing: Create Your Keynote by Next Week

A single presentation can help make or break a career.  Companies are built on presenting ideas to the right people.  Wish it were easier?

Putting together a compelling, clear presentation can be a daunting task.  You can spend an enormous amount of time and energy putting it together, and it could still be a flop.  It could it be not only a bad presentation, but it could also ruin your professional reputation.

If you want to give a world-class speech, how much more energy and effort would that take?  Is that even possible for someone who doesn’t have a coach or twenty years of experience behind them?  YES, and it gets a whole lot easier when you have a proven system to follow.  The right process can help even an average presenter stand out from the crowd in a great way.

Writing a seven-minute speech is one thing; creating a compelling one-hour presentation is completely different.  When all the focus is on you and your career is on the line, you want to be confident and know your presentation.  Great structure can give you confidence and the ability to be “present” to connect to your audience.  Great structure does not confine you; it actually allows you to have more freedom.  You’ll also have all the content you need, if you know where to find it.

Picture this: You step in front of the audience with confidence, all eyes are on you. Your strong opening draws them in. Though skeptical at first, they now hang on your every word. They gain a new perspective because of your conviction and clarity.  Your strong close and call to action bring them to their feet with energetic applause.  You WOW them! 

How would you feel?

Darren LaCroix teaches how to write a keynote speech.
Hi, I’m Darren LaCroix. I struggled for seven years to try to create a compelling one-hour speech. It took me years of trial and error trying to figure it out myself. Just because I was in front of an audience and spoke for an hour, didn’t mean they enjoyed it. It didn’t mean it left them with a memorable message. It didn’t mean my message was clear. It didn’t mean I left my audience with a new perspective. In other words, nothing changed except that they thought less of me after I spoke.
Then I discovered this process. This program was created for you so that you can avoid the years of frustration that I suffered through.


Gain instant confidence with this 7-Step process,
plus the time-saving, easy-to-follow “Keynote Guide”

Is this program for you? It is if…

  • You want to be a highly-paid, professional keynote speaker
  • You are a corporate presenter looking to have an unfair advantage over your competition
  • You are an entrepreneur looking to position yourself as an expert and promote your business
  • You are an author wanting to promote your book through speeches

Patricia Fripp and I demystify the process. This step-by-step program is distilled from more than 40 years of wisdom gained from coaching professional speakers, executives, and sales teams.

The Problem…

Sometimes we wonder what the problem is, and sometimes the answer is clear.  If you are a professional speaker and you are not getting enough bookings, the problem is your speech.  If you are a corporate presenter and your audience doesn’t “get it,” the problem is your speech.  Often people judge our full value on our ability to present.  Right or wrong, it is reality.  If you are giving speeches about your product or service and you are not selling enough, the problem is your presentation.  The root of that problem usually lies in the “process” you go through to create it.

“If you are not getting the bookings you want, the problem is your speech.
It’s not your promotion, it’s not your website, it’s not speakers’ bureaus, it’s your speech.
Your best marketing material, hands down, is your speech

Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE

The Solution…

For the first time EVER, Patricia Fripp’s “secret process” is revealed!

Just as building a house begins with a strong foundation and framework, creating a great speech begins with good structure. A solid speech structure gives you more confidence, more ability to influence, and more invitations for repeat engagements.

Take years off your learning curve.

Executives pay thousands of dollars for Patricia Fripp to walk them through this exact same process. In this one-of-a-kind program, Fripp joins forces with me, World Champion of Public Speaking and speaker coach. Together we reveal a simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that you can apply to your own life experience. By learning from two professionals at the top of their game, you will save time, eliminate frustration, and avoid costly mistakes.

One of Fripp’s thousands of delighted clients wrote:

“Patricia, you showed Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen how to give a good keynote speech.
Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny, and
filled with substance.
Your tireless preparation was obvious when you stood in front of the audience.”

John Welshons, Convention Chair, American Cemetery Association.

In this home-study course, you’ll receive:

  • The proven 7-step process based on over 40 years of speaking and coaching
  • Interactive PDF: Fripp Speech Model® (Priceless! You’ll use it again and again!)
  • All of Patricia Fripp’s proven, “content-generating” discovery questions (mining your life for powerful content)
  • Easy-to-model, real-life examples
  • Time-saving secrets for each step
  • The common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Two keynote speeches for you to model
  • FREE Bonus CD: You’ll look good on stage when you use Patricia’s 17 customizing secrets

Hear me explain how
THIS program can help YOU!


How is this different from your other programs?

Great question. I have programs on humor, the business of speaking and how to own the stage, but this is different.

Very different.

Never before have I created a program about the “structure” of a speech.  Literally how to find your powerful content and write your speech step-by-step.  Patricia’s speech model is brilliant.  When I first saw it in 2001, I instantly thought, “Wow, now I get it.” I’m a visual person.

Once I understood the psychology behind it, my speech effectiveness has skyrocketed.  My speeches were never the same.  For me, there was before the Fripp model and after the Fripp model.

“For many years I have been investing in your materials.
With Create Your Keynote by Next Weekyou have hit a home run.
Although I was familiar with some of the material, you have compiled it in a manner
that drives the past lessons much deeper…easily worth 100 times what you will invest.”

Michael Davis, Certified World-Class Speaking Coach, Speaking CPR

Patricia gets $5,000 a day to be locked away with an executive to pull their speech out of them. In this program, you will feel like you are sitting in on a private seminar given just for you.

We’ll ask you the exact questions she asks executives to discover their powerful stories and points.  They simply would never have found them without her.  Now, for the first time ever, you can have her secret process for a tiny fraction of the investment. You will never give a presentation the same way again. Period.

Patricia Fripp and Darren LaCroix

Who demystifies this process for you?

For over three decades, Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, has delivered over 2,600 keynote speeches and coached hundreds of ambitious professionals, celebrity speakers, executives, and sales teams.  Her impressive career started by giving speeches for free at service clubs to promote her men’s hair styling salon.

What are my credentials?  I was fortunate to outspeak 25,000 contestants from over thirty countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.  My first keynote was in 1994, and since then I have been honing this process, teaching and inspiring others.  Now, I create learning materials in the areas of presentation skills, humor, and marketing.  I have got fans and followers from around the world because I’m passionate about helping people get what they want.

These two experts make it simple for you. Get started now!

LA Murbito

I did this program 10 days before a big conference where I was hired to be the keynote speaker!  I felt more confidence, and they LOVED it!”

Laurie-Ann Murabito, Speaker and Author
of Rethink Leadership


Create Your Keynote Guide Check out the coolest 
speech-creating tool

and the interactive
“Keynote Guide.”


Get this same process in a
home-study course for just $297

Create Your Keynote By Next Week

Online Access

Create Your Keynote By Next Week tm

Create Your Keynote by Next Week

Add to Cart! Online Master Program instant access $297 What’s This?

Want more proof?

How about from a professional speaker who is an avid student of Patricia and Darren and who has their other programs?

Hear for yourself what author Linda Fogg Phillips has to say about Create Your Keynote by Next Week,

…and keep reading for more comments!

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What did people say who experienced a
pre-released version of Create Your Keynote By Next Week?

Melinda Brennan“I was a bit skeptical about the title – create a keynote in ONE WEEK? But that really is what you can do. Follow the process, and spend 1-2 hours each day working on your keynote, and it will be done in a week. This is one of the best programs that I have ever invested in and will definitely be using it over and over as I create more speeches.
Create Your Keynote by Next Week is a brilliant program that takes the speaker all the way from collecting their stories and material to a finished keynote, with a bonus disk by Patricia Fripp on how to customize your keynote. Don’t know what you want to talk about? You need this program – by the time you complete the first step you’ll have material and ideas for several keynotes. Can’t think of stories to use in your speech? Again, this program goes through the process of drawing out all the stories and experiences that you didn’t realize that you had and that can be used in your keynote.”
Melinda Brennan, Confidently Connecting,
Canberra, Australia


“As someone who has to write a new message every week, I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with a resource like Create Your Keynote By Next Week, and what an amazing resource it is!  Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp use their wealth of experience to equip the listener with practical and creative ideas for developing new keynote addresses. The session on where to find the material for new keynotes is worth the price of the program on its own! It’s great for helping me think of stories and illustrations for sermons.”
Vince Antonucci, Pastor,
Verve Church, Las Vegas, NV


Dr. Burt Smith“This program is like having a private workshop where they tell me exactly what to write to perfect my keynote. I can listen to it again and again, and I get to learn at my convenience and at my pace.  This program does exactly what it says it does, and it can be summarized in one word: SYSTEM! If you charged what this is worth, I could never have afforded it, so thanks for the bargain!”
Dr. Burt Smith, CME, CQM, PCM


“For many years I have been investing in your materials. With Create Your Keynote by Next Week, you have hit a home run. Although I was familiar with some of the material, you have compiled it in a manner that drives the past lessons much deeper.
Your opening exercise of uncovering stories does take time but is well worth the investment of time. I’m rediscovering stories that had an impact on my formative years and realizing that the lessons are universal. Your exercises are valuable to me both as a speaker and as a speaking coach.This step-by-step program is easy to use. The lessons build upon one another and take stress out of the writing process. Whether you are writing a keynote for one group or you are creating keynotes on a consistent basis, this program will save you time, frustration, and will most likely put more money in your pocket.
Create Your Keynote by Next Week
is easily worth 100 times what you will invest. If you want to stand out from the crowd as a keynote speaker. Don’t wait until next week to invest. Do it now!”
Michael Davis
, Speaking CPR
Certified World-Class Speaking Coach


Jonathan LowWOW! Amazing! Fantastic!  Those three words best describe how incredibly powerful ‘Create Your Keynote by Next Week’ is for speakers who would like to take their speaking skills to the next level.
Patricia and Darren are amazing and have done it again successfully by sharing so many practical and learnable tips in a structured manner, from the development of the topic, structure and design, importance of a strong opening, delivery, and many more. It is the PERFECT & “MUST HAVE” toolkit that all speakers and aspiring speakers need to have if becoming a great, confident, or a world-class speaker matters to you. I have certainly gained much from them and I am so appreciative of them sharing of their world-class speaking insights and experience in helping me become a world-class speaker.
Kudos, and thanks again, Patricia and Darren, for the WOW, Amazing, and Fantastic experience I had!
Jonathan Low
, Managing Partner, PowerUpSuccess Group of Companies,
Past President of Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers


Jennifer Leone“Patricia and Darren, your program Create Your  Keynote by Next Week, is brilliant!  Just what I have been looking for as a speaker. Your product provides the missing pieces I so often ask in preparing a keynote, ‘Where do I start, what do I leave in, and how do I close?’

It answers all my questions and some more. They give you good solid and sound advice and the “how to” steps that work.  This will be my constant reference guide from now on.”
Jennifer Leone, Director,
Certified World Class Speech Coach | Trainer | Keynote Speaker,
Sydney, Australia


Fredrick M.“Darren coached me to a new level of delivering keynote speeches. This set of CDs represents some of the most thoughtful insights available to help anyone develop their life and professional experiences into salient, poignant, and even humorous stories that will delight audiences and ensure that you are invited back to speak again and again. Who better than the World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren, to provide the tools to build a successful keynote speech.”
Fredrick Marckini, Founder iProspect


LA Murbito“It’s an easy process to follow and, if you are new, you will have your first speech created within 7 days.
A lightbulb went off for me after I’d done the foundation work for an amazing keynote speech that Darren and Patricia walked me through. Presentations are a performance, but as speakers, we write and give our speeches as an art form. This program will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, help you write an amazing keynote speech. Darren and Patricia share all the secrets and tips that help build an amazing speech! Thank you. I did this program 10 days before a big conference for which I was hired to be the keynote speaker! I felt more confidence, and they LOVED it! I actually do have enough material for a number of speeches!
Laurie-Ann Murabito,
Speaker and Author of Rethink Leadership


“I learned from Create Your Keynote by Next Week by Patricia Fripp and Darren LaCroix’ a unique method for not just finely honing a message, but also the most effective way to deliver it. This is not just an educational tool; it is a life -altering tool that I will revisit time and again.”
Linda Bown,
Consulting Business Analyst and Writer


“As the State Director of Training and Technical Assistance in the District of Columbia, Office of the State Superintendent of Education, my role is to provide presenters to conduct high quality, professional development training seminars on topics that are extremely technical, including legal statutes, policy implementation, instructional and behavioral best practices for the local education agencies. As a result of having to provide professional development training seminars and keynote addresses, we have contracted for Patricia Fripp’s services on an annual basis to provide speech coaching to our attorneys and content-expert speakers.
Patricia Fripp is an expert speech coach who is highly skilled. She understands how to work with experts who may not be naturally gifted speakers. After one of her sessions with my attorneys and content experts, I shared with another colleague who was inquiring about her services that, ‘Patricia Fripp not only walks on water; she creates the water she walks on.’
Create Your Keynote by
Next Week
gives you the ability to step inside her head and see the speech development through her experienced mind. She is truly a gifted and talented speech coach.”
Chandra Williams, State Director of Training and Technical Assistance,
Division of Specialized Education


To have Patricia Fripp walk you through this process is a $5000 investment.

Get this same process in a
home-study course for just $297

Create Your Keynote By Next Week

Online Access


Create Your Keynote By Next Week tm

Create Your Keynote by Next Week

Add to Cart! Online Master Program instant access $297 What’s This?

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