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Want to write humorous speeches? Come to the Humor Champ Camp! . . . . Want to be a funny speaker? Come to the Humor Champ Camp!

Video Message from Darren…

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Who is Tim Gard?


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If you would like to be funnier,
and connect with your audience
at a much deeper level,
this could be the most important
web page you’ve ever read.





For the first-time ever…
humor teachers & performers,
Tim Gard & Darren LaCroix,
join forces to help you
find your funny bone and
make it funnier!


Dear fellow student of humor,

Imagine walking off stage to thunderous applause and a roll of laughter. Each member of the audience has “that look of appreciation” in their eyes. You made their day. You left them with a new perspective and you wrapped it all in fun. They loved you!

The meeting planner walks over to you, smiles and says, “Thanks you not only made a boring subject fun, they will remember your points for years to come. You REALLY made me look good. Thank you!”


Humor is the fastest way to connect with your audience!

Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or an audience of 1,000. You must connect before you can persuade!

What if you could make more people laugh more often? What would that feel like? What would that mean to your business? Would you be recommended more? Would you have more fun doing what you do? Your time is important, so what if we could change that in just two days?

Not only will you create your own humor at this boot camp, you’ll get up on stage and test it. Often.
You will get lots of stage time!

Proven techniques, professionally presented,
with helpful documentation. A well-constructed…”

~ Russel Scott Manthy, King’s View Consulting


Everyone wishes they were funnier, but…

Have you been envious of the person who has everyone gravitating towards? What if you could have some of that?

There’s no such thing as “Funny School.” There is no microchip you can implant to instantly make you funnier. Most people believe you are either born funny, or not. If you weren’t given the “funny gene” at birth you are out of luck this lifetime. Pray for reincarnation! Better luck next time around. This Boot Camp destroys this myth! I’ve got proof.

You’ll walk away with formulas and clearly understanding the “structure” of humor and how it works. There is a process to creating humor. It will surprise you how simple it can be.  You will never look at humor the same way again, Darrenteed.

Boring? NEVER!

Has anyone ever bored you into their point of view? OK, maybe that one time you gave in just to shut someone up, but that is just not a powerful strategy. Agree?

Boring never “sold” or persuaded anyone! If you are a speaker, no one ever said, “Oh boy, you’ve got to hire that presenter, they can bore any audience.”

OK, maybe you’re saying, “But I’m just not funny!”

Perfect! You’re just like Darren. I was born without a funny bone in my body. Just ask my brother. In fact the first time my brother laughed at me is when I told him I want to be a comedian. Ouch!

I was smart enough to know that I wasn’t funny, and I needed guidance. The best thing I did was became incredibly “coachable.” A true student of humor.

I went to people who were the best at their craft and I learned from them. Experts in any field “think differently.” A huge waste of time is trying to save money and learn from people who are just a half step ahead of you. They teach out of a textbook, not from years of experience.

So, I took every comedy class I could. I sat at the feet of the masters. I learned from the greatest humor and improv teachers in the business. I learned their tools, techniques, and followed their systems. Guess what, it worked! They were right. It was well worth my time and investment. Now, making people laugh is what I do for a living. Trust me people who knew me growing up are shocked when they found it. I was the quiet kid.

I am living proof that anyone can “learn” to be funny. We’ll prove it to you during the boot camp. You will believe it can be learned and astounded that our process works so well. You’ll leave with “a proven process” that you can repeat over and over again.

The Humor Boot Camp® is “hands on” experience. You’ll actually create original humor together and with your fellow Boot Campers. We will even test it and prove it works. Wouldn’t that build your own belief and confidence?

Much of the humor you’ll be able to incorporate it into your speeches immediately!

You’ll also leave with “a proven process” that you can repeat over and over again. How cool is that?

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Gina Marken ~ Poulsbo, WA

OK, so what if you’re thinking,
“I’m already pretty funny,
and it just comes naturally.”

Perfect! You’re the just like Tim, and naturally funny. Even professionals like funny man, Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE are constantly polishing their techniques. Tim is considered by many to be the funniest business speaker in America. He is the co-founder of Funnier U which specializes in teaching presentation and humor skills throughout the world.

Experience why he is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, an elite honor shared by fewer than 145 other speakers worldwide. Discover how anyone can develop and apply their Comic Vision™ to become much more engaging presenters.

Being funny around your friends is one thing. Being funny on stage is a different skill set. However, what if you could learn why you are funny so that you can use it on stage? What if you can learn the process of creating humor. Being funny on-stage: the “skill” of being funny on demand – in front of a group of strangers – at a specified time – no matter what mood he was in – no matter how tough the audience.

Being funny at a party or when the situation appears is good, however, learning the process of “planned humor.” Especially planned humor can add so much to one’s self confidence. Does that make sense. How powerful does it feel to have a story or a bit that works every time?

We’ll show you how to create your own “planned humor.” We’ll take that natural talent and multiply it’s power. Would that be cool?


“The layout and formula for creating humor, comedy secrets, and ‘attitude’ information.”

~ Anthony Billings, Professional Speaker


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Manuel Gomez ~ Switzerland

The worst thing you can do…

It pains me to see new and emerging performers of ANY kind go and find jokes on the internet and tell them. It may seem an easy simple solution. What is your reputation worth? What if the presenter just before you stole the same story? Or worse. What if everyone in the audience downloaded those same jokes just before your program?

How well is that going to go over?

No one ever said, “Hey, let’s get the person who is really good at stealing other people’s material.” Hey it’s a fact people do it, however, if that is your plan this Boot Camp is not for you. Besides, even if you find a good joke, does not mean you can deliver it. Our process will help you uncover the humor inside you and your life. This also makes it much easier in the long run to deliver it AND REMEMBER IT. It’s yours!


Time truly well-spent… focused, fast moving, based on real experience & insight.”

~ Dave McIlhenny, Arzex Inc.


You’ll never get them back.

Missed opportunities. The audiences you’ll never see again. The tens or hundreds, of people would have been delighted to recommend you or your services to others because you were “funny.” You’ll never get another chance to be in front of them again. That’s OK. You did not know there was such a thing as a HUMOR Boot Camp®. A place were serious professionals go to learn to be funnier. Don’t let another audience go by without a having attended the HUMOR Boot Camp®. I’ll make you funnier for life.

Every time you give a presentation without more humor, you are missing a key to a deeper connection. A deeper connection, means more fun for you, more fun for them, and you are much “more likely” to persuade your audience. It works the same whether your audience is one or one thousand.

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Barbel Warren ~ Las Vegas, NV

The real “humor payoff”

One of the best secrets in the humor world is that fact that presenters and sales people (like comedians) get into the same situations again and again. Meaning they give the same, or similar presentations on a regular basis. Me personally, I only have four keynote presentations. That is it! And some of them use the exact same stories, just to make different points.

This allows me to take a good piece of humor and use it over and over again. This not only gives me incredible “humor confidence” it also allows me to not have to keep recreating “new stuff” all of the time. So the time I put in to create one humorous story is multiplied literally hundreds of times. Some of the humor I wrote my first year speaking I still use today! Can you see how coming to get “our process” will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.


Some people want me to write their jokes for them,
I won’t do it!

First of all if I write a joke for someone, and they don’t understand how to deliver it, it won’t work. Then they’d think it was not written well. Presenting humor is a craft, not a script.

It’s the old adage, teach a man to fish and he’ll make ‘em laugh for a lifetime. Isn’t that what you want?

The coolest “humor” secret

The coolest humor secret is the fact that creating humor IS a PROCESS. When you see funny people on TV or at a show you see the “end result” of the process. It is made to look easy and “off the cuff.” The reason “the process” for creating humor is secret is they don’t want you to know you can do it to! If everyone knew, then performers would not seem so “special.”

You will walk away with “the process” for creating your own unique humor from your own experiences, likes, and dislikes. You’ll walk away with from the HUMOR Boot Camp® with the belief, confidence, and some of your own material you create on the spot. I Darrentee it. In fact don’t take my word for it. Listen to people how have “experienced” the two-day process — even before Vinnie started teaching it with me:

“I will never give another speech without feeling your terrific and uplifting influence.”

~ Debbie Depp, The Fenemore Group


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Monica Beltran ~ Rossmoor, CA

It is not about jokes!

You might be able to go to a comedy club and learn how to write dirty jokes. The HUMOR Boot Camp® is not about that. I am about helping professional tap the heck out of the power of humor for business and presentation purposes. I understand the needs and the humor application to the business world. It is where I live. In fact I interviewed CEO’s for four years to write my book: Laugh & Get Rich.

I’m considered a humorist. The difference between a humorist and a comedian is this. For a comedian, “humor” is the message. For a humorist, “humor” is medium to the message.

“Finding out what frustrates others & train derailment.
Always good to learn from a master and Darren is a master.”

~ Jeff Brucculeri, Host Business Talk Radio

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Ray Lubsen ~ Ontario, Canada

I know how to deliver messages wrapped in humor. I was fortunate enough to out speak 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. One of the reasons I won… I was funny.

My speech was about how I became a comedian even though I wasn’t funny. I’ll prove it at the Boot Camp. The reason to learn from me is not because I’m funny onstage now, it’s because of where I started. How did I do it? I learned “the process.”


What you will you walk away with?

What will you learn at this 2-day Humor Champ Camp?

  • Learn to develop your comic vision and see the funny.
  • Engage your listeners through visual and physical humor
  • How to choose and use props for maximum connection
  • Learn a “process” to write and perform humor
  • Make your personal stories much more funny
  • How to make any boring subject interesting
  • How to master the “humor twist”
  • How to put your words in the funniest “order” (wrong way= not funny)
  • Knowing how to avoid the biggest mistake presenters make trying to be funny!
  • How the “Triangle of Laughter” effect your every presentation
  • INCREASE YOUR belief in your own ability to make others laugh more!
  • And much more!


Survivors of the Humor Boot Camp!®

Join us and learn how to get funnier!When we asked HUMOR Boot Camp® Survivors
what impacted them the most. They said…

“Learning to THINK funny — process”

“The pictures of the Triangle of WOW.”
~ Ron Lewison, Las Vegas, NV

“…that I could DEVELOP humor.”
~ Ralph Parker, Tulsa, OK

“Hard to pick just one!
Probably the seven comedy secrets.”


This Boot Camp isn’t really for everyone.
Let us save you valuable time and unnecessary frustration

When I say anyone can learn to be funny, that’s not really true. You can quit reading this right now if you are any of the following:

  • Not “coachable”
  • Are out to “prove us wrong”
  • Not willing to invest in your own self development
  • Not willing to change
  • So afraid of trying something new, you
  • A whiner and a complainer

(We teach because we love to, not because we have to.)


The ironclad DARRENTEE…

If you STILL are not convinced, if — after the first full day — you have not got more than your money’s worth, I will refund you the full amount on the spot! I’m so convinced this Boot Camp will change your “humor thinking” and belief on what you can do given our system, I will refund your full Boot Camp tuition.


“One day is just not enough… I want more!
~ Nefty Ortiz, Speaker

So many people asked for more that we added a second day to get even deeper into the workings of humor.
Turns out to be three times more effective!

Your only options are…

1____ MOVE ON TO ANOTHER WEB PAGE and always wonder if this could have impacted every presentation

2____ THINK IT OVER (i.e. procrastinate.) Miss the special price, Put it aside to come back to later and you know you’ll forget about it, right along side some of your dreams. Get distracted with work and life, again.

3_ X_ DECIDE TO TAKE ACTION TODAY knowing that your “humor coaches” are the fastest way to funnier!

OK, Darren, what’s the investment?

Well, most two-day coaching presentation boot camps range from $2000.00 to $5000.00.
And those seminars are not even taught first-hand by the person who created them. Our Boot Camp is!

“You can’t cheap your way to the top.”
~ Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking

headshottimgard small
Tim Gard

There’s nothing like the feeling
of hearing your audience laugh!

Darren & Tim will demystify
laughter in just two days!

Darren LaCroixDarren LaCroix

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Charli Douglass ~ Las Vegas, NV

There’s nothing like the feeling
of hearing an audience laugh!

Give us 2 days…
and we’ll make you funnier for life!

Join us for an eye-opening Humor Perspective like you’ve never experienced!




Stage time,
Darren LaCroix

2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

“Darren, I thought you’d like to know that your Humor Boot Camp® worked so well for me that when I gave
the “Confrontation: The Adversary Relationship” speech, the club was supposed to get riled up. But they
laughed all the way through
your techniques for humor worked way too well! Maybe political leaders,
labor & management leaders, and married couples should be required to attend your Humor Boot Camp®.”

~ Dennis Bauer, Dennis Bauer Communications

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