Darren’s God Blog: The Force in Star Wars? | Darren LaCroix

Darren’s God Blog: The Force in Star Wars?

By Darren LaCroix | Darren's God Blog

Have you seen the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One? If you did, you may remember that near the end of the movie, the blind character, Chirrut Imwe, repeated a phrase over and over as he walked through the firestorm of laser shots from the storm troopers. He was on a mission to reach a button to be able to transmit the plans for the Death Star. He repeatedly said, “I am one with the force; the force is with me.” This gave the character the faith to walk slowly through the chaos. Logically it was crazy, but he trusted the force. OK, but that’s just a movie.

Where do you need that kind of faith? What firestorm are you afraid to walk through? What could you do if you had more faith in God? Maybe you need a mantra or an affirmation?

That scene made me think and reflect on a mantra mentioned in The Bible that I have on my desk and that I sometimes say repeatedly when challenged. Each translation of The Bible uses different versions of this verse.

NASB Psalms 35:27

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication;

And let them say continually, “The Lord be magnified, Who delights in the prosperity of His servant.” And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness and Your praise all day long.

In the self-development world, affirmations are very popular. Have you considered having Bible quotes for your challenging situations? What passage might be best for your current situation? Write it out, and keep saying it.

Thank you, God for Grace, Truth, Love, and Laughter,


(Reminder, this is just a journal of my mistakes, experiences, and thoughts along my journey to having a closer relationship to God. I do not claim to be an authority on the subject. If you want to know The Way, read The Bible.)

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P.S. Thank you, especially, for grace.

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