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Darren Recommends

Here are several resources I use on a regular basis. While I cannot guarantee you’ll have the same fantastic experience, I’m quite confident that these companies will be helpful to you.

Unforgettable Marketing & Relationship Building

Darren’s favorite tool! Bomb Bomb Video Email.


Get a free trial of Bomb Bomb. Not only is it my favorite tool, it builds my business and creates an unforgettable experience that wow’s my customers and clients.

I get replies every week like, “Thanks for reaching out personally! Talk about great customer relationship management!” – Ian

and, “I have bought many a speaking program over my life time, but this technique you just did is great.  You personalized it and even said AK, so you got my attention with this.” – Michael

I love Bomb Bomb! It’s simple, fast, powerful and I don’t have to worry about typos!

Get Paid to Speak by Next Week?

This FAST START SYSTEM is a must for any new or aspiring speaker!

Darren’s Forms ~

Thirty forms to help professional speakers save time! This is an essential resource that will help you start your speaking business on the right track. Click here to see the list of forms. (You’ll get this CD as a BONUS when you invest in Get Paid to Speak by Next Week.)

Create Profitable Funnels

I love it! More details coming soon.


#1 Tool: BUILD YOUR LIST! Automate your speaking business ~
If you’re serious about being in business, you MUST accept credit cards

Have your own newsletter…build your own list?

Direct Pay (1ShoppingCart) offers merchant accounts and shopping cart services. You need to have both in order to do business — and you absolutely MUST be able to accept credit cards! Practice Pay knows the speaking business and they are very helpful. I highly recommend them! Click here to get a free trial account!

START BUILDING YOUR LIST! Automate your speaking business!

Start now:  CLICK

If you are just getting started, get the auto responder (BUILD YOUR LIST!) Automate your speaking business.

• Auto-responder/Newsletter  $34 per month

Basic Pack with payment processing (You can accept orders) $69 Per month

Pro Pack – do it all including deliver MP3s direct (what I have) $129 per month

Start with the first one and upgrade as you grow!

Voice Recorder ~

Want to record your presentations and/or make your own products? I use a Olympus Ls-??  (around $80) on Amazon.

At-Home Microphone Recorder ~

Darren Recommends... stand-up banners

AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser – Audio Technica
(I bought mine at Guitar Center for $150)

Stand up Banner ~

Franklin Documents in Las Vegas has 3 size options as well the the ability to create custom sized retractable banners. We have been using them for several years and love the quality of the the product and their customer service. Our typical investment for these is only 197 and they do offer discounts on bulk orders. Learn more.

Darren Recommends... custom tableclothsProduct Table Tablecloth ~

Color Reflections recently created high quality large print table cloths for our display tables. Reasonable rates that vary depending on number of colors and number of panels being printed on.

Make Your Clients Feel like 1 Million Bucks! Create Customer Rapport, that’ll bring you more.

I use Send Out Cards… Watch the video below to see how EASY and POWERFUL this is!

Try it! Send yourself a Send Out Card for Free! CLICK TO TRY

Writing / Creating your Foundational Phrase?

A foundational phrase is a 10-word sentence upon which the whole message of your speech is built. (i.e. Craig Valentine’s “Your speech is not for sale.”) Many speakers will use rhyming words in their foundational phrases. This website is helpful to use in the process:  Rhymer.com

Product Income from the Back of the Room?

Do you present to audiences about speaking or humor? I offer my educational tools wholesale, so you can offer them at your programs and start earning solid income at your very next presentation.

Requirements: You must purchase one product at full price. (It’s essential that you believe in what you’re offering, and can refer to it in your presentation.) Then you can invest in as few as 2 more, which you can get at half-price. This will allow you to have professional product to get started until you create your own.

(Here’s an example… Randy Harvey, 2004 World Champion, is speaking internationally on humor. He doesn’t yet have an educational tool in the area of humor. He purchased 25 Make ’em Laugh sets & 20 Just for Laffs DVDs to take with him when he gives presentations.)

What would work for you? Contact me to make arrangements.

Edit Audio Files on Your Own Computer ~

MAC USERS:  I do all of my audio editing in Garage Band. Free on your MAC.

PC USERS: This audio editing program is available free for PC users. I use it to edit audio lessons, product recordings, and many other things. It’s great! Click here to learn more about Audacity.

Audio Editing by a Professional ~

Want to Create Your Own Products?

Here’s a great resource for you! You’ll learn how to create & sell your own CD’s and MP3s.  Turning free speeches into income and earning while you sleep is not some “maybe next year” dream. It’s closer than you think.  It’s simple to do, and this program has helped many speakers do just that, even though they’ve never been paid before : That’s Me on CD Video DVD

Product Table, Table Cloth~

Color Reflections Dynamic Digital Imaging 3560 South Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89103  702-262-9300

Video Taping, Editing & Past World Champion of Public Speaking DVDs~

Bill Stephen Productions does all the video work for Toastmasters International. You can also order the World Championship of Public Speaking contest DVDs from him.billspro.com

CD Cover & Package Design ~

Trademark & Copyright Search ~


Professional CD & Video Duplication ~

  • Corporate Disk Co. (Tim Newman) ~ (800) 634-3475 x286  ~ Email: tnewman@disk.com

Royalty-Free Music ~

Shrink Wrap System (heat sealer) ~

Professional Organizations for Speakers ~

Website Design ~

I work with Cynthia Lay / Speaker Websites. She did all of the World Champions’ EDGE website projects, and some of mine, including  a website, image design, and my newsletter as well. She’s awesome, and she knows what a speaker is looking for in a website.

​Are you making any of these Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?