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Today, went fishing with my brother and dad. Read more from Save the Cat. Blake talks about laying pipe. When we teach speakers and we call it, “Talking too long to get your first story” Similar idea. Today 18 minutes closer to my dream. Click to play video and see the progress that was made […]

Do you like the feeling you get when someone fondly remembers something you did for them years ago? Maybe it was a generous act of kindness, a compliment or perhaps it was a story you told in a presentation. Ever wonder what it was that made it so memorable in the person’s mind? It could […]

Ready to start turning “free” speeches into “paid” speeches?   Are you an emerging speaker that’s ready to start earning income?  Are you a seasoned speaker looking for was to take what you already know and turn it into multiple streams of speaking income?   If so, this program was designed for you!  “That’s me […]

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What are you worried about before a speech?  I get questions every day.  This one came from a new Toastmaster working on her first manual.  Here is my advice when she asked what she could do about it. CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO

Is connecting with your audience important to you? Looking for a great way to “open” a speech, before you “open” your speech? I took what I learned from Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE and Jeffrey Gitomer and put it into action. In this video I will explain what I’m doing and then you will see a […]

Everything happens for a reason. It may just take time before we realize what the reason is. I wish you could have been there — maybe you were — two weeks ago when the anticipation was mounting for the 2011 World Championship of Public Speaking. Almost 1,900 Toastmasters descended from around the world on Las […]

Do you use video in your presentations? Thanks to huge advances in technology and YouTube®, it’s so much easier that ever before. I believe video is a powerful tool to help prove a point and keep your audience engaged — but there is a risk. A big risk. During my travels last month, I attended […]

Have you ever said something that was truthful, but later found out you were mistaken? Ever done that on stage? It can be costly. It was for me! What could it be costing you? I’m not talking about losing credibility 18 years ago when I first started speaking — or even 10 years ago when […]