Wouldn’t it be cool to be a celebrity speaker? You’d get rock star treatment. You’d get in front of huge audiences. You’d also get a huge paycheck, possibly $20,000-$50,000! Wouldn’t that be cool? Marketing would be easy. No, marketing would not be easy. There are only so many conferences with those huge budgets, so many […]

Marketing your business through speaking OR marketing your business of speaking can be challenging. This is one of the subjects that we cover at Lady and the Champs Speakers Conference. Hear real-life “how tos” from World Champion Speaker, Darren LaCroix. This important marketing tips comes from his real life experience. CLICK to play video Darren’s […]

Did you know there were 8 different speaking business models?  Hear Darren LaCroix explain the best tip about having your own seminar.  CLICK to Play:   Looking for a mentor in the speaking business?  Get Paid to Speak

The best may to market yourself as a speaker, when you are not on stage, is with great content. How do you create lots of great content quickly. This video will let you see one of Darren LaCroix’s favorite methods for creating content. CLICK to Play video: Want to Darren to mentor you in the […]

Why do you promote so much?  Whenever Darren LaCroix does a promotion, someone always questions his amount of promotion.  Hear him read his email reply to them.  If you want to be a professional speaker, watch this twice.  You need to understand that this is a crucial part of the business and someone will not […]

What makes your Improv to Improve DVD different? Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking prides himself an creating experiences that create transformation. His programs, presentations and products are designed that way.  What is his mindset?  What is his secret?  Watch this video and find out.  CLICK to PLAY this video: Want to know more […]

Want to know how to create a great speech opening?  Ask World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix.  What is his favorite speech opening of his own?  Hear and see his favorite speech opening. CLICK to PLAY video: Want to know more about Darren’s “How to write a speech” program?  CLICK for details Create Your […]

Ask World Champion of Public Speaking was a part-time professional speaker long before he won the World Championship. Now he helps others get paid to speak. A common question is: How can you have credibility without credentials? Great question! Hear Darren’s answer, CLICK to PLAY video: Want to a mentor to help you get paid […]

Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking, teaches people to get paid to speak.  One of the tools to get started is the Encyclopedia of Associations.  Here is how to use it.  CLICK to PLAY video: Want a mentor to help you Get Paid to Speak?  Click Get Paid to Speak

When you are creating info products, are you creating them to make money or build a business?  Here is interesting perspective to help you with mindset as you create your own info products.  Let Darren LaCroix, World Champion Speaker and business coach help you build your speaking business.  CLICK to PLAY video: Want Darren to […]