Presentation visuals are important, but how important? Does their quality mean life or death? They could. While waiting my turn to speak at a physician’s conference, I watched one of the presenters before me. He was a physician teaching how to do an emergency C-Section. He used a slide that read, “24, 4, A Scalpel, […]

The audience was small. The senator who was presenting before me walked out into the audience, pulled out a small pad of paper, and asked the physicians in the audience what questions they had for him. He called it “town meeting style.” He wanted to make sure he covered exactly what they were interested in. […]

Have you ever walked into a presentation and seen right away that the setting would be a challenge? What did you do? How did you remedy the situation? Everyone who is involved in putting together an event has a different agenda. Some people involved in creating the setting have never had to give a presentation. […]

I love seeing serious people come to our boot camps again and again. They remind me of the hunger I had when I started my speaking career in the early 90’s. Whenever we are pursuing a dream or making a change in our lives, it takes qualified knowledge and the application of that knowledge. Without […]

Do you use the stage on purpose? If you are not using the stage “on purpose,” you are probably not nearly as effective as you could be. In fact, you are probably doing a disservice to your audience by diluting the impact of your message. Great presenters use the stage to help them clarify their […]

After a decade of coaching speakers at all levels, one of the most common mistakes I see is presenters moving without purpose. More specifically, I see speakers move because of their own anxiety rather than to clarify their message. Most presenters think that if they use stage left and stage right equally, they are fine. […]

Who is your hero? Why? I’m not talking about someone with a red cape. I’m talking about someone whom you admire and wish you were more like. Who made you feel loved growing up? For me, it is my Pepe’. Half French and half Polish, I grew up calling my French grandfather Pepe’, but everyone […]

This weekend, while playing disc golf with Steve Pavlina, author of Self Development for Smart People, we started talking about the longevity of our speaking careers. He said that when he started, he treated speaking as a presentation or a performance, which put up a wall between himself and the audience. He often felt that […]

I sat there in the audience at the National Speakers Association Convention and prepared to watch my friend, Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE, give his speech. He was about to perform his brand new keynote that he had been working on for over eleven months, some 1,100 hours. His preparation was intense. I can honestly say […]

Has technology ever stressed you out? LOL. OK, maybe that is a silly question. I cringe whenever a technical support person uses the word “just.” They say, “Just do this and that will happen.” It sounds easy until you go home and try to do it, and some other foreign looking screen comes up with […]