Have you found your voice? Is your voice active? Passive? Is it the voice of hope? Are you the voice of reason? How about the voice of rebellion? Some presenters may say words on stage but have no real voice. No matter what subject matter you speak about, on or off stage, you can still […]

Life is usually a compilation of a series of small decisions, but once in a while a big decision must be made. Because it is big, we procrastinate and avoid making that choice. It may be a decision that will change the course of your life while enhancing who you are. What is that big […]

Ouch! That hurts. Imagine saying that to yourself? We typically have strengths in one area, weaknesses in other areas, and mediocrity in the rest of our lives. Is there one area of your life you would like to work on? How committed are you to changing it? If you don’t commit, you’ll stay right where […]

Where would we be without mentors? We all need them to grow. Have you ever thought about what brings them joy? I’ve been both the mentee and the mentor many times over. This weekend’s experience was a great reminder to me. The result: This weekend I went back to my roots to perform stand-up comedy. […]

Ever been so surprised at what someone else did that it made you rethink what you were doing and how you were doing it? I really didn’t see this coming.  I was shocked. I was inspired by Linda and disappointed with myself all at the same time. It was May 15th at a speaker’s conference […]

“But that’s not what happened in rehearsal!” Ever make a mistake that you had to correct over and over again? Oops, I did it again! I can hear those song lyrics in my head. After twenty years of stage time, you would think that I had figured out and remembered lessons after having to relearn […]

When you were growing up, what did you want to be? Firefighter? Police Officer? Movie star? As we grow and have more life experience, our perspectives change. As our perspectives change, so do our dreams. What do you dream about, now? When I came to my first Toastmasters and National Speakers Association conventions, I dreamed […]

Here’s the situation… You just finished a run-through of your presentation. You love it. It works. You have one problem with it though. You keep getting feedback that one particular part of your presentation confuses people. It is really clear to you, and you love it. You know it is brilliant. In fact, it is […]

Have you ever seen speakers on stage who, although they weren’t perfect, you couldn’t help liking them anyway? Then again, have you seen presenters who were eloquent and seemingly perfect, but you just didn’t like them at all? What do you think is the difference? There are probably a hundred different reasons for both instances. […]

How in the world can you prepare to be spontaneous? It can be done, and it is actually simpler than you think. Let’s look at a case study from this past weekend at my church. I was pleasantly surprised when Jake, one of the pastors, asked me to volunteer to do an improvisational skit for […]