It happened. We were there. We heard it. Did Denise just say that? Wow. That took courage. Never before has someone we were coaching said anything quite like this from the stage. Everyone at the Storytelling Camp was shocked, and we just wanted to hug her. Who is Denise, and what did she say? Before I […]

If you ask yourself this question and take the time to ponder it, how would you answer? If you now go a little deeper and are brutally honest with yourself, would the answer change? Though it is a deep question, you could take this simple question in several directions. Let’s look at what drives you. […]

Did you ever feel as if you don’t fit in? When you look around and see where you are and whom you are with, do you wonder if you belong there? I was a shy kid who always tried to follow the rules and rarely spoke up. I played sports but wasn’t a super jock […]

Want to have a highly enhanced version of your speech? Want your message to be on steroids? If I asked that question, most presenters would interpret that to mean having a greatly improved version of that speech. If you love what you do and having that amazing connection with your perfect audience, you probably are […]

Do you care about your message? How much? I’m about to get tough with you; I hope you can handle it. “Mentors share truth from their own experience. I’ve never had a mentor ‘nice’ me into growth.“ I was at the park near my house taking a daily walk and noticed a man with metal […]

Are you ready to bore the audience? Did you prepare to bore them? Would you like to be forgotten soon after you finish your presentation? If you don’t focus deeper, you will soon be forgotten. Audiences are becoming more easily distracted. This makes our jobs more and more challenging. Even if the people in our […]

Have you found your voice? Is your voice active? Passive? Is it the voice of hope? Are you the voice of reason? How about the voice of rebellion? Some presenters may say words on stage but have no real voice. No matter what subject matter you speak about, on or off stage, you can still […]

Life is usually a compilation of a series of small decisions, but once in a while a big decision must be made. Because it is big, we procrastinate and avoid making that choice. It may be a decision that will change the course of your life while enhancing who you are. What is that big […]

Ouch! That hurts. Imagine saying that to yourself? We typically have strengths in one area, weaknesses in other areas, and mediocrity in the rest of our lives. Is there one area of your life you would like to work on? How committed are you to changing it? If you don’t commit, you’ll stay right where […]

Where would we be without mentors? We all need them to grow. Have you ever thought about what brings them joy? I’ve been both the mentee and the mentor many times over. This weekend’s experience was a great reminder to me. The result: This weekend I went back to my roots to perform stand-up comedy. […]