It is that time of year again when eighty-one of the top speech competitors from around the world prepare for the biggest speech of their lives. They are the semi-finalists competing in this year’s World Championship of Public Speaking. There are also thousands of speech competitors who are licking their wounds wondering where they went […]

How long is your “to-do” list? Maybe, if you are like me, a better question is how many lists do you have?  I started finding that I had “to-dos” to remind me to check other “to-do” lists. Yikes! I found I was soon forgetting my master “to-do” list. Ugh. Something’s got to give. I don’t […]

Can you remember a time when you had a great plan, and you were working it? You were making progress, you were performing your due diligence, and out of nowhere, BAM! Someone gives you a whole new perspective. I learned a brilliant perspective that changed how I look at many areas of my life. Are […]

How long is your “to do” list? How do you decide what is worth your time and what is not? Time is precious. Sometimes I wonder, why bother? How do you know if it is worth the struggle. “Why haven’t you gotten your C.S.P.?” It is a question I’ve been hearing for years. Some of […]

Many aspiring speakers live for changing people’s lives. We can’t. Period. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Why would I say that? I just want you to think a bit deeper about what a presenter’s role is when we get the privilege of the platform. Everyone in your audience is living their journey […]

Too many people, when putting a presentation together, try to write the whole thing out. If your presentations are done with slides, you know the crutch of putting one together by taking an old slide deck, and just “tweaking” it. Guilty? I know I am. My corporate coaching clients are the worst! A brilliant presentation […]

What goes through your mind as you prepare for a presentation? What are your thoughts just before you take the stage? Whether it is a small boardroom presentation or an audience of thousands, your mindset matters. Your mindset alone will greatly affect the outcome for both you and your audience. It was the mid-nineties when […]

Have you ever taken a look back ten or twenty years and looked at what you did that worked? What were your “success patterns” years ago? Let’s go back and take a look. It could just be what we need and yet forgot about. After my business failure and chasing the impossible dream, I was […]

Do you care about your message? Do you want people to take it home? Then, frame it! Do so especially if your message or examples are controversial. In fact, I believe the more controversial the topic, the more important your frame! What is a frame? Good question. According to one of the definitions of […]

Ever been behind someone walking or in traffic and they can’t decide which way to go, so they just stop. There is no way around them. Now their indecisiveness has just impacted your world. Yikes! You think, “Dude (or dudette), just make a choice! Pick a lane! This is not life or death.” Whether a […]