Here are my assumptions: First, you know your content; second, you believe in your content. You know, based on past experience, that it helps people. It just plain works. Awesome. That, however, is not enough now in the world of fickle audiences. It works in your world, but that does not mean your audience will […]

Dan Jones, a mentor early on in my career, said, “Speech reaches deep.” Though I loved the line, I never really understood the depth of what he was saying until many years later. I thought it was a cool conference theme, and I can still remember the logo that went with it. It was an […]

Have you ever said to yourself, “I really need to . . .” Or “I know it would be good for me.” Or how about, “Someday I need to . . .” I think if you are a normal human, you have. If you are not normal, that could be an awesome thing in this […]

Wouldn’t it be cool to be a celebrity speaker? You’d get rock star treatment. You’d get in front of huge audiences. You’d also get a huge paycheck, possibly $20,000-$50,000! Wouldn’t that be cool? Marketing would be easy. No, marketing would not be easy. There are only so many conferences with those huge budgets, so many […]

This question is not literal about the music industry. It is more about being a rock star in your industry or in your speaking niche. I don’t think anyone dreams of being average or in the back of the pack. If you do, congratulations. You don’t have to work too hard for that one. Sweet! […]

Is this going to be your breakout year? Is this going to be the year to catapult your life? Maybe you want to change your circumstance. What if I told you that it is possible if you will change your thinking about one letter. One simple letter. The letter K. You have to lose it […]

How well do you know your own stories? How well do you know all the facts? Did you check? I didn’t always. Why? I knew the story because I had heard it first-hand directly from my hero. Big mistake. When you and I take the stage, we have an incredible opportunity to influence our audience. […]

OK, seriously, what went through your mind when you read that title? Did it make you curious? Was it a little shocking, especially coming from me? Perfect. Whether you are titling a new presentation, a book, or just an article, you know you need to grab the reader’s attention. It is a challenge these days […]

It’s shocking, but many emerging presenters feel that they are a fraud or have that little voice of doubt that makes them wonder if they will be found out. Most will not admit it. It is not a fun feeling, and I, too, battled with it. That little voice has diminished over the years, but […]

Stories are one of the best tools we can use as presenters to connect and move our audiences. If we want to stand out, we need to use original stories. If we want to be memorable, they need to be well-told stories. The big question is, “Where do you find them?” First, make it your […]