What is the most productive thing you could be doing right now? I appreciate that you are reading this article, but is that productive? Well, if I can give you a new perspective, it just might be. We feel we have so much to do that we aren’t actually productive, and we fool ourselves into […]

Ever have an adventure where you had no idea what was coming next? Did you embrace it? Did you make any of those “I should have known better” mistakes? On adventures, we are in different environments; we can let our instincts help us or, sometimes, harm us. To say that my last week in Poland […]

You can benefit from my mistakes! As speakers, we are often professional reminders. Once in awhile, we need reminding ourselves. Case in point: The European Tour I just completed with fellow World Champion Speaker, Ed Tate. I’ve learned quickly on previous trips to Europe that “American speakers” have a label, and it is not necessarily […]

Have you ever had a brush with fame? What happened? Back in the early 90’s, I was new (very new!) to speaking. I was still working at Bose Corporation, and still holding onto my dream of being an actor. One day while having a meal at Bickford’s, in Framingham, Massachusetts I noticed a familiar face. […]

Debrief: What did we learn? Do you often take the time after your speaking events to take a look at what worked and what you learned from the experiences? We all know it is a good idea, but do you actually invest some “focused” time doing it? Moments of reflection are often where true learning […]

Cartoonist and fellow Toastmaster, Brian Cavanaugh, sent me a funny card about one of my teaching principles. I learned from my speech coach, Mark Brown, that a great principle when writing a speech is to write is as to help a child that you care about. Mark asked me, “If you were going to die […]

When you are preparing to give a speech, do you practice it? What is a practice speech to you? Whether you are in a speech contest or getting ready for a corporate presentation, consider this: There is no such thing as a practice speech. One of the best parts, for me personally, about Lady & […]

Do you have a big project you have been wanting to take on? Maybe you have a new hobby you are thinking about trying. Perhaps you have been thinking about holding your own public seminars. If so, have you considered the Trickle Up Theory? What is the Trickle Up Theory? Consider this. Often we have […]

Do you find it too easy to keep busy? I do. We often hear people say that they can’t do something because they are “too busy.” Have you ever met someone who is not busy? But, does your “busy” matter in the big picture? If you have ever been to a program on goals or […]

Any time you have the opportunity to be in front of an audience, you get the opportunity to influence. That does not always mean that you do influence. Whether it is a seven-minute speech in front of seven people, an all-day training in front of fifty people, or an hour long speech in front of […]