What Do They REALLY Want?

Guys are different. Women are different. Kids are different. We usually see and want different things when it comes to buying. How can understanding this help you get your message in front of more people? OK, sometimes guys will be guys. Guys like to tease guys when it comes to playfully ribbing each other. I was traveling with one of my buddies, and we were rooming together. I noticed he had some... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Unaware?”

Do you know what your real challenges are? When I’m working with speakers, I encourage them to watch a video recording of themselves. It can be eye-opening to watch yourself on video. Watching it can make it much easier to become aware of your challenges. Here is the problem. How do you do this in God’s world? If we are unaware, how do we know? We don’t. Recently I got a big ah ha which may be... [Read more]

Want to Own the Stage? Master the Core Four.

If you are serious about owning the stage, this could be the most important article you ever read. Any presenter can take the stage, but very few presenters walk on and own it. There is an enormous difference. Do you understand what that is? Do you want to own the stage? What is the difference? After over a decade of coaching speakers and presenters, I see many who want to be good at it but very few... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Yikes! It’s Not Me!”

When was the last time you got an amazing, sincere compliment? The kind where people look you in the eye and see into you and tell you something that moves you? That is an awesome feeling. I think most people like being liked and love being loved. Why, though, do people like you? Why do they love you? As I’ve been growing in my relationship with God, I’m realizing it is He — not I — whom they... [Read more]

“And the Winner Is . . . ” 2016 WCPS Coach’s Perspective

“What did you think of the speech contest?” is the question I hear most often right after the World Championship of Public Speaking. I believe that some people wonder what I saw from my perspective, some are looking to validate their views, and some may be wondering what they didn’t see. Perspective is the value in the coach’s eye. Every year 30,000 speakers compete in the World Championship... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “God, Take My Credit, PLEASE!”

OK, this has been a shift in perspective for me. You may have already gotten this idea. If not, consider it. My pastor is awesome. He does an amazing job of connecting The Bible to today’s real world. This has been super helpful to me during my journey. One of my frustrations has been trying to thank him and give him compliments. He refuses to take them. He gives all the credit to God without even... [Read more]

17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 248 Thanks, Guy!

Today 59 minutes closer to my dream. Click to play video and see the progress that was made towards my dream. My whole goal is to inspire you to make daily progress towards your goal. What is Darren doing and why?  See 17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 1 Like Inspirational Quotes? Get a quote from Darren daily Please post your thoughts or commitments on my blog below! I’m at least 17 minutes closer... [Read more]

Brilliant Advice, But…

How do you decide whose advice you will follow and whose advice you will brush off? Do you decide based on who gives the advice? Do you consider how challenging it will be to implement? Do you ever find yourself dismissing it because you don’t want to do the work? Tough questions to consider, but be honest with yourself. Now, when you are on stage presenting, do you give average advice or the best... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “The American Idol”

I admit it. For many years I had clumped the word adultery and idolatry together. They sound very similar. Before I started getting more serious about my faith, I had heard only priests and pastors saying the two words, so in my mind they were one. When I did start reading more, I realized they were two completely different words with two different meanings. My bad. When I started getting it, I thought... [Read more]

The Depressed Motivational Speaker

You’re about to present at a conference, and you’re waiting your turn. Your mind is racing with the personal challenges in your life. You try to focus on helping the audience, but it is hard to remain present and keep your mind from drifting back to personal challenges. What do you do? Have you ever felt depressed or actually had depression and still had to give an inspiring presentation? That... [Read more]