Stage Time: Humor Me ~ Inside the Mind of an Entertainment Shopping King

When an emerging speaker is building a career and credibility, it is helpful to tap into experts with great credibility in that field. This is a great way to transfer value as you gain confidence. When I started in the professional speaking world, I was told I needed to write a book. Write a book? I did not even like to read! When I was asked to co-author a book, Laugh & Get Rich by Rick Segel,... [Read more]

Stage Time: Half as Good

“Vinnie, how do you know who is going to make it,” I asked my mentor. He quickly replied, “That is easy, Darren; whoever keeps going.” His answer was so simple and yet so powerful. That was a surprising answer. I loved it. I got a surprising question several years ago from a speech competitor. He was a semi-finalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking and had just found out... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “I Can’t Afford to Tithe?”

In the early days of my speaking career, I was living at home with my parents, trying to recover from my business failure. I had always known about tithing, and I kept fooling myself with, “Once I start earning enough, I will tithe.” Realizing my career was not taking off anytime soon, I had a talk with God. I got down on my knees and asked for help. With my request I made a vow to God that... [Read more]

Stage Time: First, Get Confused!

I remember my mentor, Dave Fitzgerald, passing on advice he had heard from a speaker in the 80’s. He said, “Anything worth doing well is worth doing wrong first.” It still strikes me today, even though I don’t like to hear it. Whether it’s a new speech or learning a new computer program, we often forget that it is a process. Do you push yourself through the process or... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: The Definition Through Me

Growing up Roman Catholic, I learned what I was taught in CCD (our version of Sunday School). After moving to Las Vegas eight years ago, I was lost for a while. I never went to church for a couple years. One person who had influence on me never went to church after he turned 18 years old. He would often go on a tirade. He was adamant that the whole church was bad because of people there who were hypocrites. Though... [Read more]

Stage Time: I Haven’t Been This Nervous in a Very Long Time

After 22 years on stage, I never would have guessed I would make a mistake like I did on Sunday. Ouch! When was the last time you were really nervous? What do you think made you so nervous? Maybe your nerves were on overload because of the subject, or maybe it was because of who was in your audience. Maybe what made you nervous was because you were using new stories, or because it was a challenging... [Read more]

Don’t Give Up…Give It Up!

Given as a guest speaker at Unity Church in Las Vegas… CLICK to watch (27 Minutes)  Read More →

Stage Time: Want More Energy? The Answer is in the Chairs!

Have you ever noticed the difference in energy at each event you attend? Why are some filled with excitement and some, quite frankly, so boring. A multitude of factors can add or detract from the excitement. Whether you are running your own event or presenting at someone else’s event, there is one simple, powerful secret you need to know. I’m surprised that so many presenters do not act... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: Was Proverbs the Beginning of Motivational Speaking?

Proverbs 22:22-24 “Make no friendship with a man given to anger, nor go with a wrathful man, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare.” When I read this, I feel that many proverbs inspired motivational speaking. When I read this particular one, I think of the Jim Rohn quote: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It makes me step... [Read more]

Stage Time: Is Your Shower Dripping?

What project around your house or in your business have you been putting off? Why? Why do you put it off? Though I’m a big fan of getting things done, I also do face some challenges, and I get very creative about procrastinating. Whenever there is a software update, I let out an audible “Augh!” I wonder what is going to be different and how long will it take me to get up to speed... [Read more]