Can YOU See the Difference?

We all have challenges. Even our heroes and mentors who we think have it all figured out. People who seem to have it made have challenges, too. We all do. What is the challenge you are working on? It has been said that everyone is broke, just at a different income level. I feel rich because I get to do what I love for a living, but since I dramatically changed my business model two years ago, times... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “God Bless the Spammers”

Do you get spam? Does it frustrate you? It sure did me, too. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on my mindset and trying to be more positive. I’m a pretty positive guy, but when I’m not paying attention, sometimes a technology or email server glitch can bug me big time. Yikes! I’ve been working on catching myself and retraining my brain to have peace and know that although things are... [Read more]

Dale’s Bucket List

What will people say about you after you pass. I’m pretty sure they won’t be talking about your cool speaker one-sheet or your latest marketing video. They will probably be talking about who you were and what you meant to them personally. They will be talking about the good you did in the world and laughing about your quirks that they secretly loved because they made you you. This weekend a friend... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Vince’s Letter”

When presenters open up and get real, I feel it. The more they open up, the more I feel it. This weekend I listened to my friend and pastor present his sermon, and I was moved more deeply than usual. I asked his permission to share this with you. If you have heard me talk about Vince, you know that he had an emotionally abusive father. He grew up with challenges I never dreamed... [Read more]

Justin’s Hide and Seek Speech Critique

Your message should be a little hide and seek. Don’t give away your message too soon or be too predictable. If you do, you will quickly lose your audience, and they will be checking their text messages. To clarify your message, the delivery of it, and the effect they have on your audience, do you see value in getting feedback from a qualified presentation coach? I hope so. If not, how will you ever... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Your Business?”

This one will be short. It is, however, a deep insight for me. Recently I’ve been asking God for help with my business. I’d love for Him to help me see where I should focus my time, energy, and effort for building my business. Yikes! Duh. Influenced by my God friends, I had an epiphany: It’s not my business; it’s God’s business. He’s just letting me run it. Wow, I thought I was the boss.... [Read more]

Why Did You Go for Your AS? (Accredited Speaker)

Why do you do what you do? What is the reason behind it? Has it changed since you started the process? The most common question I got in the hallways at the TI Convention this year was, “Why did you go for the Accredited Speaker?” That was usually followed up with, “I thought you already were.” No, I was not an Accredited Speaker. Yes, I have been a full-time professional speaker since October... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Feel Unworthy?”

Do you ever feel unworthy? In the self-development world, there is more of that than you might think. I believe that is why many speakers get into this industry and love self-development in the first place. It has been said, “We teach what we need to learn.” One word: Amen. This is one of my personal struggles. I’m not sure where it came from, but many believe it comes from beliefs we create... [Read more]

What Do They REALLY Want?

Guys are different. Women are different. Kids are different. We usually see and want different things when it comes to buying. How can understanding this help you get your message in front of more people? OK, sometimes guys will be guys. Guys like to tease guys when it comes to playfully ribbing each other. I was traveling with one of my buddies, and we were rooming together. I noticed he had some... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Unaware?”

Do you know what your real challenges are? When I’m working with speakers, I encourage them to watch a video recording of themselves. It can be eye-opening to watch yourself on video. Watching it can make it much easier to become aware of your challenges. Here is the problem. How do you do this in God’s world? If we are unaware, how do we know? We don’t. Recently I got a big ah ha which may be... [Read more]