17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 248 Thanks, Guy!

Today 59 minutes closer to my dream. Click to play video and see the progress that was made towards my dream. My whole goal is to inspire you to make daily progress towards your goal. What is Darren doing and why?  See 17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 1 Like Inspirational Quotes? Get a quote from Darren daily Please post your thoughts or commitments on my blog below! I’m at least 17 minutes closer... [Read more]

Brilliant Advice, But…

How do you decide whose advice you will follow and whose advice you will brush off? Do you decide based on who gives the advice? Do you consider how challenging it will be to implement? Do you ever find yourself dismissing it because you don’t want to do the work? Tough questions to consider, but be honest with yourself. Now, when you are on stage presenting, do you give average advice or the best... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “The American Idol”

I admit it. For many years I had clumped the word adultery and idolatry together. They sound very similar. Before I started getting more serious about my faith, I had heard only priests and pastors saying the two words, so in my mind they were one. When I did start reading more, I realized they were two completely different words with two different meanings. My bad. When I started getting it, I thought... [Read more]

The Depressed Motivational Speaker

You’re about to present at a conference, and you’re waiting your turn. Your mind is racing with the personal challenges in your life. You try to focus on helping the audience, but it is hard to remain present and keep your mind from drifting back to personal challenges. What do you do? Have you ever felt depressed or actually had depression and still had to give an inspiring presentation? That... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Are Your Prayers Answered?”

I’ve been praying more now than ever before. Sometimes when we are down, we question our faith. Are you are like me? Do you wonder if God is listening and watching? So, what can you do? I’m not an authority on this. I’m just sharing my ups and downs as I go along. One idea that seems to be helping me combines prayer and focus. I purchased a composition book and started writing down any prayers... [Read more]

What They Need and Don’t Even Know It

You have your presentation. You have your content. You have your experience and delivery. Perfect, but do you know what your audience really needs? Whether you are speaking to a company, public seminar, or association, there are people in your audience who need help. They are each at various stages of knowledge about your topic. They are also at various stages of experience in the group they are sitting... [Read more]

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Seriously. You walk into an event and look around. What do you see? Do you see anything wrong with the picture above? It was taken as Ed Tate was running a warm-up exercise for attendees before Lady & the Champs actually started. Everything was just right. Months of preparation had paid off. Whether you are holding an event of your own or speaking at someone else’s, always look at your environment.... [Read more]

‘Hopefully, I Won’t Screw Up.’

  What makes you feel presentation pressure? A big client? A big paycheck? Colleagues watching? Family in the audience? A speech contest? The pressure is real even though it is only in your head. On Saturday, my friend Alex was graduating from the NSA Las Vegas Speakers Academy. She was presenting to our chapter, and they were videotaping her. Yikes! This could be great demo video. Or not! It... [Read more]

Do You Want to Speak or Be Heard?

Interesting question to ponder: If you sit down and have a conversation with someone, and they listen intently to everything you have to say, then stand up and walk away without ever commenting on your conversation, how would you feel? What if you knew that the advice you gave was great and exactly what the person listening to you needed? You had the chance to speak, but were you, in fact, heard? Often... [Read more]

Darren’s God Blog: “Is the Reverse True Now?”

The Bible talks about people who pray in public at length, partially to impress others. Two thousand years ago that may have impressed people, but we are asked to pray in private. Do you think the reverse is true today? If someone openly prayed in public, what would the perception be? Would people think they were a wacko without credibility or be impressed with their commitment? Would that person lose... [Read more]