Stage Time: Your Characters, Your Stories, and You!

Truman Burbank: “Was nothing real?” Christof: “You were real. That’s what made you so good to watch…” In the 1998 movie The Truman Show, an interesting premise was set up that I think can help presenters tell better stories. Truman Burbank, the main character played by Jim Carrey, was in his own reality TV show since birth. Everyone he interacted with was an actor.... [Read more]

Stage Time: I’m Glad I’m Addicted to…

When you think of the word addiction, it usually evokes very negative connotations. defines it as follows: “Noun: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.” Are there positive connotations? Do you have any positive addictions? I know... [Read more]

Stage Time: What’s Your I.I.?

Presentation visuals are important, but how important? Does their quality mean life or death? They could. While waiting my turn to speak at a physician’s conference, I watched one of the presenters before me. He was a physician teaching how to do an emergency C-Section. He used a slide that read, “24, 4, A Scalpel, and Pair of Scissors.” He kept repeating the slide and saying the... [Read more]

Stage Time: Write Them Down?

The audience was small. The senator who was presenting before me walked out into the audience, pulled out a small pad of paper, and asked the physicians in the audience what questions they had for him. He called it “town meeting style.” He wanted to make sure he covered exactly what they were interested in. Though questions started slowly, they came out one-by-one. The senator meticulously... [Read more]

Stage Time: Meet Them Where They Are!

Have you ever walked into a presentation and seen right away that the setting would be a challenge? What did you do? How did you remedy the situation? Everyone who is involved in putting together an event has a different agenda. Some people involved in creating the setting have never had to give a presentation. Consider the different perspectives of the event planner, the hotel staff, the catering... [Read more]

17 minutes Day 246 My Restart (June 4th was last post)

YIKES! Today I’m getting back to my habit thanks to my friend, Dave Chase for inspiring me. Thank you Dave! Thank you Cathey Armillas for my new movie title. Brilliant. Today 22 minutes closer to my dream. Click to play video and see the progress that was made towards my dream. My whole goal is to inspire you to make daily progress towards your goal. What is Darren doing and why?  See 17... [Read more]

Stage Time: Please, Don’t Buy My Programs!

I love seeing serious people come to our boot camps again and again. They remind me of the hunger I had when I started my speaking career in the early 90’s. Whenever we are pursuing a dream or making a change in our lives, it takes qualified knowledge and the application of that knowledge. Without the “application” in the real-life world, your desired results may never be achieved. At... [Read more]

Stage Time: “Stage-ology” ~ 5 Ways to Use the Stage on Purpose

Do you use the stage on purpose? If you are not using the stage “on purpose,” you are probably not nearly as effective as you could be. In fact, you are probably doing a disservice to your audience by diluting the impact of your message. Great presenters use the stage to help them clarify their message. Do you? Here are five ways you can use the stage with purpose: 1) Differentiate Yourself When... [Read more]

Stage Time: It’s Your Stage: Do You Use It or Confuse It?

After a decade of coaching speakers at all levels, one of the most common mistakes I see is presenters moving without purpose. More specifically, I see speakers move because of their own anxiety rather than to clarify their message. Most presenters think that if they use stage left and stage right equally, they are fine. Wrong! In fact, this could not be more incorrect. Some traditional advice in the... [Read more]

Stage Time: Your Hero’s Journey: Your Parents, Your Audience, and You

Who is your hero? Why? I’m not talking about someone with a red cape. I’m talking about someone whom you admire and wish you were more like. Who made you feel loved growing up? For me, it is my Pepe’. Half French and half Polish, I grew up calling my French grandfather Pepe’, but everyone at Mary D. Stone grammar school in my hometown called him “Charlie.”  Everyone... [Read more]