Stage Time: “Stage-ology” ~ 5 Ways to Use the Stage on Purpose

Do you use the stage on purpose? If you are not using the stage “on purpose,” you are probably not nearly as effective as you could be. In fact, you are probably doing a disservice to your audience by diluting the impact of your message. Great presenters use the stage to help them clarify their message. Do you? Here are five ways you can use the stage with purpose: 1) Differentiate Yourself When... [Read more]

Stage Time: It’s Your Stage: Do You Use It or Confuse It?

After a decade of coaching speakers at all levels, one of the most common mistakes I see is presenters moving without purpose. More specifically, I see speakers move because of their own anxiety rather than to clarify their message. Most presenters think that if they use stage left and stage right equally, they are fine. Wrong! In fact, this could not be more incorrect. Some traditional advice in the... [Read more]

Stage Time: Your Hero’s Journey: Your Parents, Your Audience, and You

Who is your hero? Why? I’m not talking about someone with a red cape. I’m talking about someone whom you admire and wish you were more like. Who made you feel loved growing up? For me, it is my Pepe’. Half French and half Polish, I grew up calling my French grandfather Pepe’, but everyone at Mary D. Stone grammar school in my hometown called him “Charlie.”  Everyone... [Read more]

Stage Time: Wisdom from the New Champ

This weekend, while playing disc golf with Steve Pavlina, author of Self Development for Smart People, we started talking about the longevity of our speaking careers. He said that when he started, he treated speaking as a presentation or a performance, which put up a wall between himself and the audience. He often felt that he had to impress them, to build rapport, and to win them over. At that time,... [Read more]

Stage Time: Are You a Speaking Virtuoso?

I sat there in the audience at the National Speakers Association Convention and prepared to watch my friend, Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE, give his speech. He was about to perform his brand new keynote that he had been working on for over eleven months, some 1,100 hours. His preparation was intense. I can honestly say that I don’t personally know of anyone who had prepared as much as Mike had for that... [Read more]

Stage Time: Pigheaded Progress?

Has technology ever stressed you out? LOL. OK, maybe that is a silly question. I cringe whenever a technical support person uses the word “just.” They say, “Just do this and that will happen.” It sounds easy until you go home and try to do it, and some other foreign looking screen comes up with a different question you are clueless about. Argh! I’m an Apple product fan. I love my MacBook... [Read more]

Stage Time: Is Your Pause Potent?

You may have said it, but did they feel it? When you were on stage presenting, did the audience actually feel what you were saying? That might sound like a weird question. It is not. This weekend my girlfriend Cathey and I were filming a YouTube video. I was behind the camera, and she was teaching a marketing principle in front of the camera. At one location we moved around an enormous parking lot... [Read more]

Stage Time: Speech Competitors Must Hear This Rock Star’s Brilliance

It is that time of year again when eighty-one of the top speech competitors from around the world prepare for the biggest speech of their lives. They are the semi-finalists competing in this year’s World Championship of Public Speaking. There are also thousands of speech competitors who are licking their wounds wondering where they went wrong or worse, blaming the judges. Otis William’s Jr.’s... [Read more]

Stage Time: To-Do to To-DONE!

How long is your “to-do” list? Maybe, if you are like me, a better question is how many lists do you have?  I started finding that I had “to-dos” to remind me to check other “to-do” lists. Yikes! I found I was soon forgetting my master “to-do” list. Ugh. Something’s got to give. I don’t know about you, but when I get overwhelmed, I tend to shut down. That doesn’t relieve stress,... [Read more]

Stage Time: What Do You Need to Become?

Can you remember a time when you had a great plan, and you were working it? You were making progress, you were performing your due diligence, and out of nowhere, BAM! Someone gives you a whole new perspective. I learned a brilliant perspective that changed how I look at many areas of my life. Are you a fan of positive affirmations and writing out goals? Me, too. You may also know that I’ve never... [Read more]