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Are You Being Selfish?

By Darren LaCroix | Stage Time Articles

WHAT? You may be thinking, “Darren, that’s an in your face kind of question.” Yep, I’m asking myself at the same time. You might be surprised at what I’m going to cover. If you are serious about helping people and making a difference, this could be a career-changing article. Can you handle being honest with yourself?

Do you care more about helping people than your own excuses? Your knee-jerk reaction may be, “Of course I care about helping people.” Take a look at your actions over the past week, maybe even the past month. This year at our annual event, Lady & the Champs, Patricia Fripp posed a question to the audience that made me think and look at my own actions. She asked,

“Tell me what you say you want. Show me one week of your life and we will know if you will achieve it.” – Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Yikes! What is it you say you want? To become a professional speaker? Maybe to share your message with the world? How about to take your speaking business to the next level? If you have not worked on perfecting your speech or skills this week, what have you done?

If you really want to help people, what progress have you made this week at creating a new tool to help people? No one ever helped anyone with an idea that is still only in their head or with a half-written book sitting on their hard drive. It is quite simply the saddest thing I see in the self-development world. Experts and emerging experts, determined to change the world, yet letting their excuses and egos get in the way of progress.

“There are many poor perfectionists in the speaking world.”

Please understand that I’m not saying to create a tool just to make money or to produce something that is poor quality. What I’m saying is, “Get version 1.0 done so that you can get feedback from friends to know what to do to make it better. You can’t improve something you have not created yet.”

Most humans, me included, have an overactive justification gland, something that helps us justify why we don’t make progress. Are any of these excuses stopping you?

  • “I don’t know where to start?” Just start!
  • “I don’t have the money.” Your probably don’t need money to take the first step.
  • “I don’t know how.” Find out! Use YouTube, or ask a friend.
  • “I can’t afford it.” You can’t afford not to make progress.
  • “I’m too busy.” Doing what? Maybe you need to prioritize.

Though I am known for creating a lot of educational tools, I still find myself procrastinating on my big dream. That’s what hit me when I heard Patricia’s question. I had a dream of writing a movie script and just stopped one day for no good reason. A series of seemingly unrelated events lately have culminated in my taking inventory of what I am doing and what I am not doing and why. I, too, need to stop letting my excuses control me.

Don’t over-complicate it. Simple progress works. Not sure where to start? Just pick a first step. One of my most basic tools is a simple wallet card that I call My Connect CardIt is a list of questions to ask yourself five minutes before you go on stage. The questions help ground you and silence your inner critic so that you can serve your audience. It was simple, powerful, and quick to create. My favorite part is that students of mine, like my friends Bob and Roxann Andersen, modeled the tool for their industry to accompany their book. Sweet!

By creating one tool that could help people in your industry, you have created another stream of income as well. Even if, as Craig Valentine says, “It starts as a trickle,” it is progress. It also adds to your credibility when you have tools that help people in your target market. The bonus is you’ll realize you probably thought the process tougher than it actually was. Most importantly, you will start to gain belief and momentum.

“Done helps more people and is much more profitable than perfect.”

When you and I let our excuses win, we are being selfish. Period. Our true priorities are revealed through our actions. What are your actions? Is there anything on your schedule this week that will get you closer to what you say you want? Why not add an hour to your schedule right now? Are you being selfish?


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